Sound Mixer

Use this free tool to play various sound mixes on headphones while reading, meditating or just for fun.

How to use Sound Mixer

1. Choose a sound

In order for nature sounds to start playing choose a sound from drop-down box for one channel and drag the volume slider up.

2. Add more sounds

You can add more nature sounds to composition by choosing other sounds in other channels.

3. Adjust balance

Pan the channel (with horizontal slider) to the left or to the right for stereo effects.

4. Adjust continuity

If you want the sound volume to fluctuate instead of playing continuously, click on a drop-down box with a green line and choose one of interrupted lines.

Save sounds composition as a link

1. Create a composition

Create sounds composition that you like.

2. Click on "Save as Link"

Click on the button "Save as Link" (on the lower part of the Sound Mixer).

3. Enter some details

You will need to enter the name for your composition (part of the link), your email address (later used to claim authorship) and a confirmation that you are not a robot :).

4. Launch the link

After saving the composition as a link, you and everyone else will be able to listen to it just by going to a link similar to this one

Export sounds composition to a file

1. Create a composition

Create sounds composition that you like.

2. Click on "Export to File"

Click on the button "Export to File" (on the lower part of the Sound Mixer).

3. Choose the length of the file

Choose the length of the file and click "Next". You will need to wait some time until sound file is prepared.

4. Save the file

Click "Save The File" and enter the name for your file.

Files are saved in OGG format. If your media player does not support it, you can convert it to MP3.

You'll need Adobe Flash Player to launch the sound mixing tool. Click on the button to install it. Get Adobe Flash player

Betssy Salazar Les gusta, son sonidos para relajarse.
2011-11-12 19:13:51

Nadia CinquantaNove che forteeeeeee.. da provareeeee
2011-11-18 22:07:35

Juan Aldana hola
2011-11-22 01:33:48

Linda Beenau love this app!
2011-11-23 02:09:49

Pedroluis Almela Admirable site!
2011-11-30 20:03:05

Thomas Deep This is great! I wish it would have more sounds of various instruments and more ambience as well.
2011-12-02 17:11:34

Kristin Baney the download does not work for me :(
2011-12-07 00:29:46

Cheryl DeMent How do you uninstall this app?
2011-12-29 19:05:11

Mark McKinlay This worked great for me.. I was able to download my mix, convert the file to MP3 and then load it to my ipod.. I think it's going to help.. Thanks..
2011-12-30 00:43:11

Debra Partridge I love this. I play it constantly in the background while I'm working to distract my attention from my tinnitus.
2011-12-30 18:13:30

Esteban Banús Becker I can't make the app for Android(Good idea), help please.
2012-01-09 02:24:37

Larry C Sessions It sounds great when I play online, but when I download my mix to OGG format, it appears to record only in mono. Well, there are two tracks, but they appear to be exactly the same track. Any ideas?
2012-01-09 21:37:55

Seungho Lee I can't use this app on 3rd gen ipod. please check it.
2012-01-11 00:38:51

Ds Padda I have tried almost all apps and this is the best app to mask tinnitus. I have found flute and Sitar sounds effective in masking and if these could be added it would be great.
2012-01-15 08:14:40

Ds Padda I have high frequency tinnitus in my left year. I have been using this app for a few days now and it masks my tinnitus completely. The most effective sounds are grasshopper, forest birds, sparklers, fire and tibetan bowl more or less in the same order. Mixing these with rain, creek and beach make them very pleasant to listen. The app in its present state is almost perfect. Instead of the present 4 sounds to mix more would be really great.
2012-01-17 10:05:49

Yassine Khaldi شكرا
2012-01-19 18:43:23

Eddy Rose Thanks to your wonderful application I can get my sanity back! I live in a noisy neighborhood and cannot enjoy my retirement! Dogs barking incessantly, heavy traffic and obnoxious people. Now I can play these on my MP3 with headset and block out most outside sounds. Thank you so much!
2012-01-25 12:05:42

Jeffery Smith Just found this last night.I set it to I put it on river, wind in leaves, spring peepers and owl and I slept like a baby.
2012-02-04 04:53:51

Greg Sloane why is it that when I adjust the frequency of each effect, the volume is automatically reduced to 0?
2012-02-08 01:56:55

Krzysztof Topolski Excellent tool! I use it for work. Binaural recordings would be awesome!
2012-02-22 10:06:40

Jay Foley Love this. I want the app for my Driod and my PC! Have been sending everyone this link...
2012-02-29 17:23:53

Erika Shepard Reminded me of many wonderful days canoeing the Minnesota Boundary Waters.
2012-03-01 01:08:20

Janice Alexander Well I can't get it to install on my iPad 2 ! It says installing...for past two days? Duh
2012-03-05 23:50:02

Alan Alganon Rodgers Love it, we want more sounds!
2012-03-06 14:39:02

BeBe Buttner I think I have a new addiction! I love "composing" these mixes! :)
2012-03-31 05:16:21